With more than 10 years of experience as a full-spectrum digital strategist — a web designer, online outreach and marketing professional — I have focused my career on helping nonprofits, businesses, individuals and start-ups achieve greater recognition for their causes and products both online and offline.

I am the go-to person to make ideas happen on any team: whether its a launch event for a premier think tank, or building, marketing and teaching online learning programs, I lead teams that market and execute events with style. I’ve been called a “game-changer” and a “linchpin” for my ability to fill a variety of roles on small teams.

Currently, I’m leading digital marketing team at Kroll, the global leader for risk mitigation services including cyber security, financial investigations, physical security, compliance and due diligence. Previously, I worked for GT Bicycles, Cannondale and Schwinn brands on digital marketing, e-commerce, social media and web design. My aim at Kroll (similar to GT/Cannondale) is to create a best-in-class digital marketing infrastructure that can accelerate and magnify marketing campaigns.

Previously, I led the user experience, design, and professional development efforts as a marketing VP at Brazen Careerist, a start-up company based in Washington, DC, that believes everyone deserves a job they love. Brazen offers real-time tools and online events for people to create and expand their professional network and learn new skills. At Brazen I designed the user interface for the most innovative online recruiting software (SaaS) on the market. Brazen was recently voted the hottest start-up in Washington, DC.

As a professional consultant, I also work with additional clients to provide webdesign, digital marketing, and social media strategy services.

I volunteered for two years as Director of Social Media for the global nonprofit group Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, a 10,000-member organization run nearly exclusively by volunteers. I also worked for 5 years in Washington, DC, for national security think tanks as a director of business relations. I managed corporate branding, produced dozens of publications, ran high-profile events, and supported digital marketing efforts for dozens of policy analysts (many of whom are former and current high ranking government officials).


+ Boutique webdesign and development with WordPress
+ Digital advertising, PPC and CPC
+ Social media marketing
+ E-commerce set up and marketing (Magento, WooCommerce)
+ A/B testing for ads and landing pages
+ Landing page optimization, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization
+ Implementation, analysis and optimization of social media campaigns
+ Graphic design for web
+ Social media strategy coaching  for all types of businesses
+ Online event/learning production and management

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